Image courtesy of the amazing Aurelie of  Whisper and Sing Photography .

Image courtesy of the amazing Aurelie of Whisper and Sing Photography.

Greetings, Beloveds!

Natalie is a writer/performer/producer type based in Brisbane, Australia. She is probably best known for her Game of Thrones Raven On recaps and slightly concerning obsession with Jon Snow.

The Raven On recaps first appeared for Season 2 on Natalie's personal blog. Seasons 3, 4 and 5 were published first by Fairfax Media, where Natalie was employed as a journalist at the time. For Season 6 and 7, Natalie moved to publishing the recaps on Cheeseburger Gothic, the website of author and all-round gentleman raconteur John Birmingham. 

Natalie remains baffled in the best possible way that her recaps have become such a key part of the Game of Thrones experience for so many people. She is eternally grateful and would like to softly stroke all of your hair whispering sweet nothings until the long night is over. Valar Meowghulis.


Mother of Kittens Art

In 2017, using funds from my Patreon, I commissioned these pieces from some talented visual artists. I asked them to riff on the "Mother of Kittens" theme, in whatever way they saw fit. I absolutely love all of them!

The comic was drawn by the enigmatic Pol, whom you can find dispensing his unparalleled comic book and pop culture knowledge at Ace Comics and Games in Brisbane.

The high-fashion illustration "Litter is Coming" was created by the most in-vogue woman I know, Cindy Nelson.

And the in-your-face bold caricature (with awesome toga) is courtesy of Andrew Saltmarsh, who turned me into something that wouldn't be out of place in the heavy metal album covers he designs.